What are the popular italian food other than pizza?

Hello! Welcome to O Italian!

This is a place where you will learn a little thing or more about anything italian. We are an expat couple living in Asia. We come from Italy to work here in Asia, and so far we’ve been to Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia. We hope to explore more around Asia!

Of course, as italians, we always miss Italy. As the world opens up, we realize there are many little italian culture spread out in every country! But there’s one thing…

Whenever we tell people we’re from italy, they replied us ‘Oh! Pizzas!”

Yes, that’s right. But… we are not just about pizzas.

That’s why.. we want to introduce you more about our italian food!

Here’s one of the favorites we loved back home.


It’s meaty, it’s cheesy, and that’s what we made at home too. When we’re in Singapore few years ago, we had a hard time finding good Lasagna in italian restaurants here. The good ones we had is at hotel buffets.

And then, we also love Gelato! 

Gelato is an italian ice cream. Thick, creamy, flavourful. Back home, or when we were in Europe, we had like 1 gelato every day, even during cold winter seasons.

When we were in hot weather countries like Singapore or Malaysia, we can’t have that much. First, it’s really expensive! Back in Europe, it cost at most Euro 2 for a cone of gelato. Here in Singapore, I saw 1 cone is like Euro 5 to 7! Wow!

So we do have our cravings, but it is really too expensive. Sometimes we had one, sometimes none, which is okay. But i know Asians like to eat ice creams because the weather is very hot. An ice cream can cool down their day.


So yeap, this is what we love! Of course, there’s alot more which I can’t share here. So much more italian food that I can show you around when you visit me in Italy.

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You can read more about it first.