Italy is also famous for this! (part 2)

So we have talked about Italian food, and then music

What’s next?

Let me give you some hints…

It’s a sport.

It’s a national sport.

When the game is played, the whole nation awakes.

Italy has won some major trophies in this sport throughout its history of 100+ years, but recently, their team are facing challenges, and not performing up to expectations.

Alright, have you guessed it?

Yes, it’s football! 

We Italians are crazy about football. Even my wife, who doesn’t care much about football, and don’t even know much about the game, supports the italian team too! It’s our country anyways…

So that’s the huge support we have for this sport. We love the Italian football team because it’s one of the most successful sport team we ever had. You hardly hear us talk about other spots.

Track and Field? Swimming? Table Tennis?… we’re hardly there.

But football? Hey! We have the World Cup!

In fact, we won it 4 times, in 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006.

But sadly, for the next World Cup, 2018 in Russia, Italy failed to qualify. It’s not fake news. It’s real. 4 times World Cup Champions fail to qualify for World Cup.

Yes, we are sad. But that’s not just us. The world of football fans are sad too. Italy has hardly failed to qualify for any World Cup. In fact, we don’t even think about qualification, because we believe that’s the minimum thing the football team has to achieve!

We always talk about whether Italy will win the World Cup, or at least come in second. But hey… we’re out of everything! What other sport can we support?

Alright… sorry for my rant. The whole nation is quite sad about this. Our favorite legend, Gigi Buffon has to retire his glorious football career in this manner. It’s quite sad for him too, to hang up his boots like this. We still hoped he can represent the country on a huge stage one more time.

Other than world cup, we still have the Seria A, the national football league.

The most famous football league will be the one in England. But hey, Italy has a famous league too, that is watched by fans all over the world! Though it is not that famous as England or Spanish league, we still love it.

If you ask me who I support in Italy… I can tell you a team, but not sure if you heard of them.


I don’t stay anywhere near Rome back home in Italy, but Roma is the club I support since young. I followed almost all their matches, and watched their legends grow old one by one. Needless to say, the most famous legend we had at Roma, is F. Totti.

I cried when he played his last game for the team.

But the club still has to go on. I believe we will see more legends created at Roma!

Yes, that’s what we Italians are crazy about over the weekends. Football and Pasta. Sometimes, we get too fervor in football, that we fight with rival fans. I can’t do much in Asia as I have to stay discipline. You will see a different fan in me when I’m back home.

That’s about it! Hope to share you more about Italy stuffs soon!


What Is Italy Famous For? (Part 1)

Italy is famous for a few things, not just pasta or pizza where every non-italians think that is all about italy!

There are another two ‘exports’ that Italy is famous for, and which is also what we are proud of when we travel around the world. People always asks what is Italy famous for… and here’s the two things we feel we need to share more!

1. Classical Violins

Do you know that violin is first invented in Italy? The creator of the first ever violin is Andrea Amati, way back in 1500s. Amati created the first model of the violin, and then went on to create model of the viola too.

Not only that, his sons continued his legacy to modify and create their own models of the violin.  Here’s more about Amati vioin.

However, despite being the first creator of violin, Amati’s violins is not as famous as his disciples – Antonio Stradivari, and Andrea Guarneri. The violins created by these 2 disciples since hundreds of years ago have been passed down generations to generations, and have been played by different famous violinists through the ages.

Today, some of these violins costs millions and millions of dollars at auction houses. Many believed these violins can command such high prices because of the top quality of wood used to make the violin, only exist in the era of Stradivari and Guarneri… and the wood cannot be found today.


Watch the video above to have a feel of what an expensive violin sounds like!

After Italy, there are many other famous violin creators in the world, mostly in Europe. The art of violin making is originated from Italy, and has spread the art to other parts of the world.

Of course, today, Italy violins are getting less and less, as many other countries have picked up the art of violin making. China, probably the largest ‘factory’ in the world, also has some top notch violin makers who can product top end quality violins too.

But if you are looking for a real violin which rich history, go for an Italian one!

Have you always love the music of violin and hope to learn one day? Violin is very accessible to everyone these days. You can sign up for a violin class in Singapore, get a simple violin first, and then start your class.

When you progress further, then upgrade your violin to a higher end one (preferably one from Italy!)

That’s all for Part 1 !

What else if Italy famous for? Lookout for the next post!