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Hello readers, let me introduce myself. I am basically from Singapore. I speak Mandarin. I am a writer whose passion is writing and reading. My hobby is to play guitar, sketch portraits and listen to music. But, do you know what’s my love? It is Italian food. I can eat Italian food three meals all 365 days. Sounds pretty weird… right? But, that is what it is. Italian food is so flavourful, such a subtle distinct aroma that leaves you hungry for more. The best part of Italian cuisine is its simplicity. Just a few ingredients mixed together can cook up something so delicious. This is simply breathtaking. You can feel its beauty as you can feel its taste. They say if you eat something you love, it makes you healthy and I Loooove Italian.

Everything that is Italian is simply great. There is a huge difference in the flavors of Northern and Southern Italy. However, there are a few things which are quite common and make the base of any Italian dish. E.g.: Pasta, Rice, Fish, Vegetables and olive oil. You cannot really think of an Italian dish whipped up without olive oil. That sweet aroma and subtle taste of olive oil is definitely going to salivate you.

Do you know what I love most in an Italian dish? well.. it’s pasta of course. Did you know there are more than 300 types of pasta in the world? And what is more interesting is that each shape has its own name. To make things worse, some pasta shapes have more than one name. e.g.: farfalle pasta is also known as butterfly or bowtie. See, one pasta and three names!! I know, it  sounds quite tedious to remember each one of them. But, don’t worry you need not remember each one. Just know a few common names and you will feel comfortable at any Italian restaurants. spaghetti, penne, fusilli and ravioli make up for 90% of pasta that is eaten in the world.

Now you may ask, why does pasta has so many shapes. Different types originated in different regions. Gradually when people started traveling, the pasta shapes also traveled with them and became popular all over the world. This is very similar to how music traveled from one part of the world to the another. Though guitars are not native to Singapore, you can still find private guitar lessons Singapore.

If there are 350 shapes of pasta, there are at least 500 ways of preparing them. Some pastas like ravioli or manicotti are very specific in the way they are prepared. But, for most of the other pastas, you can mix and match the shapes and the sauces. E.g.: It is quite okay to have penne with cheesy sauce and penne with tomato sauce or vice versa.

You can find some very good and easy recipe here:

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